Clothing Essentials

Too many options often create distraction, the sheer numbers of clothes that’s available online are the distractions from what you actually need. I think you need very few but good quality clothes to look dapper. Off course you can add on top of that, But you need the basic foundation clothes regardless of your job, age or body shape.  So let’s list down the basics you need on this very first blog post.

  1. White/Sky Blue Shirt: I think one of the most versatile piece of clothing is a white/Sky Blue shirt. You can pair it with a good pair of formal trousers and you got a formal attire, also the same shirt can be worn with a washed blue jeans for a casual look. The shirts must fit you well, If you cant get ready made shirt that fit you perfectly, you can always get it tailored. I will write about the fit of these clothes in a later blog posts.

There are off course various styles of shirts available, but tend to go with the once which can be worn in both occasions. Like these….

  1. A Black/Dark Denim: A well fitted dark denim looks equally good with light and dark colored upperwears. I prefer the dark blue denims better than the black. Like the shirts i mentioned above these also can be worn as a casual or can be dressed up to be more of a business casual look.

These are the best ones I can find…

  1. Trousers: The number of formal trousers you need depends on your work attire, if your workplace requires you to come in formal clothes, you obviously need more than a couple of trousers. But I think Blue and Grey are the safest and most versatile formal trousers you can have.

These looks great…..

  1. A washed blue jeans: Of course you have it. But if dont buy one with out asking a question.

Here you go..

  1. Some solid Polo shirts: I prefer to stay away from tee’s because they are way too informal. A polo shirt is little bit serious from T-shirts, but still casual enough. I think you should get two, one dark and one a little on the light color. Colors are completely up to you, but i would choose the1e..

To sum it up i think you just need these many items for the foundation.

White Shirt                                                                                                                                     1

Light Blue Shirt                                                                                                                              1

A Black/Dark Denim                                                                                                                   1

Trousers                                                                                                                                          2

Washed Blue Jeans                                                                                                                   1

Polo Shirts                                                                                                                                      2


Total                                                                                                                                                  8

We all have  lot more than eight clothes for sure, but do you have all of them?


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