Wardrobe rebuild Under 5000 Rupees

As a minimalist myself  I think more you own more cluttered your life is. I follow the same for clothes as well. The more clothes you own there will be more things you need to care about. Washing those clothes can be real pain, and more over it takes up a lots of space.

My theory is own whats absolutely necessary, but own good stuff. Say for if you live in relatively cold weather you obviously need more warm clothes, and if you live in the opposite kind of weather the opposite kind of clothes should take up your valuable wardrobe space.

This blog post is written with Indian men in mind. As all the images provided are link to amazon.in , you can directly click the links to order the clothes from amazon.

As to maintain our 5000  rupees goal I suggest you to buy 4 item.

  • Formal Shirt: This is pretty obvious. No matter what you do you need to have a formal shirt. These shirts are pretty versatile too. Obviously you can wear it in formal occasions and to job but you can still dress it down if you couple it with a jeans. Here are some choices, all around 1000 rupees.

  • Casual Shirts: Here you have a lot of options to choose from. But i currently dig the denim shirt trend. Though i am going to list out some of shirts i like.

  • Chinos: I will assume you already own at least 2 pairs of jean, so jeans would not make it to our list. Rather i would suggest you to go for chinos. Chinos are more formal than jeans, and can be worn casually as well. These sits well between formal and Casual.

Casual Shoe: Shoes are the most important part of the outfit. Its good to invest a bit more on shoes, i will list out both casual and formal styles for you to choose from. The prices should be around 2000 rupees.

Here are my picks:

So there you have it. These are my picks for you to choose on.

Fit of the garment is very important, do make sure the clothes you buy fits you perfectly. Know your size before ordering.


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